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Need professional help to solve your water pollution issue?

Is your UK beach, river or lake suffering from the effects of human-made pollution?

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With a strong practical knowledge of UK domestic and marine water issues, local & national political processes, UK domestic & marine policy, European marine environment law and a large environmental network, we can help you secure cleaner water for your community.

Explaining the processes and bodies involved and sharing simple organisational/communications skills and awareness raising tactics with you on a one to one basis, will give you the power to protect your local coastline, river or aquifer from pollution.

Atlanta Cook professional credentials

    • Trustee & Secretary Beacon Hub Brighton CIO eco-education & visitor centre
    • Honorary Life Member: Surfers Against Sewage & Directorship: Surfers Against Sewage Ltd. (2000-2005)
    • Marine Conservation Society – Sea Champion (2012-present)
    • ‘Seas At Risk Federation – Co-ordinator (2001-2004)
    • Exemplary track record of successful campaign initiation, co-ordination and completion.
    • Over 25 years of fund-raising and campaigning for environmental and community projects.
    • Solid volunteer recruitment, co-ordination and training experience.
    • Working to protect the marine environment since 1991.


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